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Closing of my Investment

After a beautiful weekend with my daughters and grandchildren I’m back to finish with my investment. Yesterday I had lunch with an old friend and he asked me how was I doing with my plan of investing and if I had found where to invest? I was excited to tell him about what I had done. I told him that by mere coincidence I stumble with a company that offered a 10% return of my investment, the company is called “Property Invest USA”, this company sell properties under Section 8 program, this program was created to help low ıncome people. They guarantee for three (3) years a net return of 10% of the investment.

Of coarse I was very unsure whether this company was a fraud or what, because it sounded to good to be true. But I did my homework I researched everything that had to do with the company and how was this possible and I arrived to the conclusion that everything was in order.

These people buy houses in Baltimore and sell them here in Miami.  And  I asked myself, why Baltımore? Because ıt’s the cıty where more people rent than buy, therefore, the renting market is greater than any other state.  Property Invest USA is partnered with International Realtors Group.  I read an article in a Brickell Magazine which said that the owner of Property Invest is married to the owner of IRG and they call them the unstoppable two, this means that they are recognized as hard working persons with good standing  in the market. 


My friend told me that he heard a podcast in Spotify where they were interviewed and they said that it is hard to convince the people of the business but that they have customers who took a long time to invest and a few months later they came back to invest more because of their good returns, that nothing can compare to this. Well, that goes to show you I made a good choice, hope you can do it sometime.