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To continue of how things went in my appointment with Mr. Bayirli, on Monday morning in his office, I must say he was a persuasive person with good support of what he was explaining to me as to how this type of investment work.

I have invested before in stock market, and I lost all my investment when the stock market crashed a few years ago, I bought an insurance plan that was going to support my retirement after 65 and because I lost my job I could not continue to pay the monthly premium plan that I had and I lost 27 thousand that I had invested in this Insurance plan, so I am very skeptical as to how and where I should invest, yet I do think that investing is much better than keeping the money in the bank where the return rates are so low.

I had a troublesome doubt concerning evictions on income producing prpperties because I heard that new guidelines were being implemented to protect the tenant if this is the case how does this affect the investment? Mr Bayirli told me that It does not affect the investment because Property Invest USA guarantees the return for three years following one month after the transaction is completed.

Other question that was bothering me was the fact that at some point or another the house would be emptied since people in the United States move very often, because they change jobs frequently, or due to the pandemic that has affected so much the economy, how will I  find another tenant for the house? Mr. Bayirli explained also: that Property Invest takes care of all for the next three years with cost included in the investment. He told me that his company has an office in Baltimore, who take care of maintenance and rentals under Property Invests USA coverage, so your 10% return is not affected in any way.

After clearing all my doubt I decided to invest and he proceeded to show me on a big TV screen he had in the conference room the houses that in accordance to my budget were available at the moment. One thing he did say was that since these houses had so much demand sometimes you choose one and when you want to continue with the process you find out it has been taken already by someone else so one has to start again to choose until you are able to finish the transaction, but all in all we were able to find one that had just been placed in the market.

As part of the process, he said; that if you do not have a business entity and you live abroad it is important to open a business here in the United States, we have a lawyer who takes care of the opening and an accountant to look out for all the expenses that a business has in order for the buyer to be free of the hassle of taxes, and all these is included  in the transaction that Property Invest USA  carries out. He made an appointment with the lawyer and Mr. Bayirli was gracious enough to take me the next day to the lawyer´s office.



The fact that there is a lawyer involved in the transaction made me feel at ease. When I got to the hotel I investigated that the Lawyer was Barred, the Accountant Cerfified and if the office in Baltimore existed and to my relief everything was in order.