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I keep on coming back to this office, somehow, I like the environment of the place, everyone is so nice and cheerful and they greet me with so much respect and attentiveness that it makes me feel as if this was my office.

A few days ago, I talked with some sales agents and an investor who had come back to invest again in another house and I repeat this once more because I get so many feedbacks all related to this type of investment, that it makes me want to learn more of the matter.

I was talking to Mr. Cengiz and I asked him if he thought that this type of business worked as a pyramid and he said yes because he as the owner of the business is on top, then he sells to clients and those clients bring referrals, this is how some pyramids work. At the beginning he offered a promotion where the rent of a client would be doubled if he brings a prospective client and that person invested. The promotion was so successful that he only offers one month a year, yet, the business had such a good feedback that many clients just cameback to reinvest. In fact, the rate of clients with more than seven (7) properties have duplicated during the last year.

Of course that promotion is not throughout the year it is only one month during the year that he promotes his business like that.


I am very excited because Mr. Cengiz offered me if I wanted to be his blogger and I accepted, so from now on you will see me as the blogger of Property Invest USA. This morning before I left my home I had a great feeling that something very good was going to happen. Now I am not only an investor I also belong to this great family that Property Invest USA and International Realty Group conform. At this time I feel that I can invite anyone who want to invest to come and visit this wonderful office where you get red carpet treatment.