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As a potential investor I have gone to the trouble

As a potential investor I have gone to the trouble of researching the many ways of investing in the USA. I have found that investing in real estate is the safest way of getting a good return. Since according to the expert Danielle Hale, a chief Economist of the real estate market, who predicts sales to grow by 7% and prices to rise another 5.7% on top of already highleads. Although, mortgage rates is expected to bump up to 3.88% by the end of the year the real estate market still continues to be the best way to invest.

I also read that the State of Maryland, specifically Baltimore with the highest population and diverse economy has a high ratio of rentals different to other states which is a good indicator for investing. Other reason that I found is that Baltimore is one of the 22 largest cities where the number of renters is larger than the number of homeowners. This brings me to the important question of which real estate company should I choose? One that would lead towards the Baltimore area, and being in Miami I thought I would have to travel to Maryland to invest there.

On Saturday walking through Brickell Ave. I saw a big banner of a finish line of a marathon and of coarse I am a very curious person, I began to ask what company was backing this marathon and to my surprise it was a real estate company one that I had seen in a magazine on the plane coming to the United States. I thought to myself if this company is human enough to give their sales agents such a push to a finish line than this a company I should visit on the next few days. But to my surprise I met the President of Property Invest USA, the same I had seen in the magazine, he was also running the marathon with the sales agents of his wifes company, IRG.


I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing Mr. Bayirli explain to me how I could invest in Baltimore without having to leave Miami, that I could buy a house for rental at a low price with a 10% high return.

This is exactly what I was looking for and Mr. Bayirli, gave me a good feeling of honesty and humanity. When you are looking where to put your savings it is very important that the person who is advising you transmits a comfort feeling.


We made an appointment for Monday Morning in his office at 848 Brickell Avenue Suite 1130 the same building where the finish line of the marathon was posted.

Written by

Yeni Gomez