Baltimore offers many advantages, as it offers the highest yields in rental properties in the US market, it is only 45 minutes from Washington DC, and it is the second most important port on the US East Coast.
Property Invest USA carries out an extensive investigation. We make sure that all properties are within close proximity to important landmarks, such as John Hopkins Hospital and the port of Baltimore.
Our investment properties start as low as $120,000 USD and offer net returns that start at 10%. Your net return is guaranteed for up to 3 years.
The purchase price includes accountant fees related to the opening of your US company and Tax ID application, Title insurance cost, Ground Rent payments (if applicable), and Closing costs.
Payment is due within 1 day of the execution of the acquisition agreement. We highly recommend having 100% of funds ready at the time of acquiring your investment property. Initial deposit depends on the property you select, please ask you agent about your property’s specific payment structure. Funds are sent directly to the title company’s escrow account.
You will need to provide us with a copy of your passport, and Social Security Number, if applicable. Social Security Number is not mandatory, however, if you have one and you provide it, it will help speed up the process of getting a Tax ID for your company.
Our acquisition process is 100% electronic and you do not need to be in the US to be able to buy your property. All documents, including acquisition agreement, closing documents and company documents, are signed electronically. The acquisition agreement and closing documents will be sent for your signature via DocuSign. The documents to open your company will be sent via email as they require your physical signature, so you will need to scan them and send us a copy via email after signing them.
The registered deed will arrive at least 6 months after the closing date. Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, Baltimore City is experiencing longer processing times and there is no way to track exactly when the registered deed will be sent. After we receive your registered deed, we will mail it to you for your records.
It depends on the time it takes the US Internal Revenue Service to process the application and assign the Tax ID. Wait times can be at least 2 weeks but vary for the most part.
You will be able to apply for a US business bank account as soon as your company’s Tax ID is issued.
Your first prorated rent commences 45 days after the closing date and will be deposited as soon as your bank account is opened. Please keep in mind, if the Tax ID is not yet available at this time, you will receive all accumulated rents as soon as the bank account is open.
Property management fees, property insurance, and property taxes.
After you receive your first rent, all your future monthly rent payments will be made within the first 2 weeks of each month via ACH payment to your business bank account.
You can sell your property anytime. If you require assistance with the selling process, we are more than happy to help!
Absolutely! You do not need to travel to the US or have a visa to be able to buy a property.
After the first 3 years, if you wish to renew your management contract, we reevaluate your property and can offer a year-to-year management agreement.
All your property’s repair expenses are covered in the first year by our complimentary repair warranty. After the first year, you have the option to purchase any of our extended repair warranty plans to extend your coverage.