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As I said before, I am now part of this big and wonderful family and because I now come to the office every single day I have been able to speak to all the sales agents of IRG and keep on getting from them a great feedback relating to Propery Invest USA. They all agree upon their experience on how difficult it is to convince clients of investing in Baltimore, but when they are convince they all return to invest more on the same type of property.

This is really a rewarding experience for me as an investor, because I am convinced and that is why I invested, but, my doubtful thinking is always in back of my brain. Since, I still have to wait a month from the moment my transaction was completed to get my first rent of the property. A document has been giving to me where it estates that Property Invest USA guarantees the rent for three (3) years of consecutive months. This is a relief because I don’t have to worry about collecting rent or having the property empty and losing month’s rent, specially during this hardship of the pandemic that affected so many low income families and even those with a high income that live in rented properties.

The real estate market at present here in Miami has a  sellers market due to the pandemic, which has affected so many people, who can not continue to pay their mortgage, yet the sellers are not willing to make any discounts to their property because they don’t want to lose equity and this is reflected on buyers that they are eager to buy because of the low interest rates. Yet, after the market crash way back in 2008, banks now act with prudence and  ask for a great deal of prove that can back off  payment.  This is  the  difference between now and back  then when the  market crash in 2006.  In those days banks lended unrestricted mortgages.  They had a type of 100% mortgage called, ˋNINJA´ where you didn’t need to have a job, have credit or down payment, so it was very easy to buy, reason why the market crashed.


When you invest in Baltimore there is no credit you buy cash, so you will never lose your property as it happened when the market crashed back in 2008. I heard of an investor who as an economist works with the Stock market and it took him a few months to be convinced, he even went to Baltimore because he wanted to see for himself the properties and how everything worked, well he was finally convinced and bought the first property, after a few months he came back with his sister and he and the sister also invested , he did the second one and she the first. After a few month they didn’t even come to the office from abroad, they bought more properties through the electronic signature of the internet , to this day he has nine (9) properties by the way, I just heard that he just signed his tenth (10) and she has four(4). After hearing this anecdote, I have to say that this must be the best investment out there, in any type of market.

Today, I found out that pilots from a Turkish airline are completely flabbargasted by this type of investment and they keep on coming back with new clients and to re-invest8. In fact two pilots came to the office and they brought a gift to the owners it was baklava a Turkish delicious pastry made with walnuts and pistachio in thin layers of phyllo dough. The office was excited with this gift. I was too😜.