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A rainy day in Miami, it’s not the best for walking or being out in the beach, but nevertheless, with good news relating to investments in Baltimore. I have read in an article that properties in the urban areas have rose 34% while in the suburbs 14%, this is music to my ears and for those who have already invested with Property Invest USA.

I also read that in some areas of the United States the urban areas are outperfoming the suburbs because the young white collar enterpreneuers like living in downtown where they have everything on walking distance. According to brokerage Redfin, based on the country’s geographic data developed by the census beaureau, prices of the real estate market in urban areas have rose 15% it shows that even with the pandemic the real estate market continues to be the best investment.

On such a rainy day and seeing how Brickell gets dark, air conditioning getting cooler than usual, because of the weather outside, I suddenly have the urge of going home. The rain blocks my brain and only drives me to sleeping mode.

But people in this office are so hard working that suddenly the bell rang once again anouncing that another sale for Property Invest USA has ben carried out, this of coarse woke me up and filled my inner self with lots of optimism. I have become a true fan of Property Invest USA, and I give thanks for putting this company in my sight.


I went out to lunch and when I came back everyone were jumping of joy because another big sale had been performed, this is really amazing although this time the sale was from IRG the mother company of Property Invest USA. This substansiates what brokerage Redfin says, the pandemic has trigger real estate sales.