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Miami has change so much throughout the years that today Miami is the cosmopolitan city of the United States. I grew up in New York City, the big Apple, it was then a cosmopolitan city, but pandemic has change the big Apple and residents are turning to Miami, because of the weather and surely because Miami is now the center of the worlds eye.

It has taken over, it has become a capital financial center with a booming real estate market that it is attracting all kinds of investors to this marvelous city. Brickell is the place to live and invest, and Property Invest USA and IRG located in the heart of Brickell is the place to visit, whether you wish to invest for capital gain or to buy the home of your dreams to live in.

Property Invest USA, has the best investment with the highest and most secured gains in the real estate market. This type of investment offers a 10% minimum yield over a low amount of purchase price. These properties are all located in Baltimore Section 8 rentals. What is and why Section 8?, ıt’s a government Rental Program to help people of low ıncome that comply wıth the requırements of Sectıon 8, and it’s because the government pays 100% rent to owner of the property. When you buy a property under section 8 in Baltimore the rent of your property is safe, you don’t have to worry about the rental of the house because Property Invest guarantees for three years the rental. So 45 days after transaction is terminated your yearly 10% gain will be distributed in twelve equal monthly payments deposited each month into your bank account for the next three(3) years.


I had a doubt as to what if I buy another property, will I receive another 10% as with my first? The answer ıs yes, each property ıs separated from the other and dependıng on the property the gaıns may vary but it will never be less than 10%.

Florida also has this government aid but the difference is that they only pay 10 -80% of the rental depending on the earnings and if they comply with the very strict requirements of Section 8, the tennant pays the rest, so when you buy here under section 8 you always have to collect from the tennant the remains of the rental fee. In this scenario Property Invest USA can not guarantee a 10% yield, because the tennant can fall into default and not be able to pay their corresponding part of the rent and due to the pandemic no evictions can be made, so the owner suffers a loss, besides the trouble of having to deal with tenants for collection or for eviction when the government cancels the non eviction process due to the pandemic.

So if you are planning to invest THE TIME IS NOW, take advantage of deals with mortgages of low interest here in Miami or invest in Baltimore and get a 10% gain of your investment. Visit Property Invest USA and IRG at the heart of Brickell to make your dream come true.