Ana içeriğe atla

The offices of Property Invest USA and IRG have so many surprises for their agents that it makes these offices the best in Real Estate. Let me tell you the many happenings that the agents enjoy, and it’s the reason for them to always come and participate. Every week they have a training day, either by the broker or by someone invited to inform them of the changes that go about, especially after the quarantine which so many enteties were hit and most of them had to change the way business was being performed.

For example; Section 8 brought about a non-eviction provision to protect tenants, because many lost their jobs and were not able to pay their part of the rent, so in order to protect them no eviction can be made even if they owe more than tree (3) months. But this is only because of the circumstance of the pandemic, once it is contained, than it will go back to how it was. A few days ago I learned that the government approved an aid package to pay the owners of section 8 properties the remaining rent owed by the tenants. But of coarse in the mean time for almost a year the owner had to struggle and live by with only part of the rent. All these is what makes Property Invest USA the best investment of Baltimore real estate.

In these offices there are always events sometimes social others work and luncheons are held at least once a month. I believe this is what gives the agents the sales energy, because almost every day and sometimes twice a day the bell rings announcing a new sale.


In a few days one of the agents will become a father and everyone seems exited, because it is the first baby to be born from an agent that is part of the team. Everyone is waiting for this grand day. I think that this humane characteristic of the group is what makes them so special.

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