Ana içeriğe atla

Today Brickell Magazine put out a video as a tribute to Valentine’s Day and they mentioned Cengiz Bayirli and Giovanna Guzman as a loving and successful couple that work together. It was interesting to find out how they met. It seems that Mr. Bayirli has been working in real estate in his country and he was looking for projects to promote and by chance he came to Miami from Turkey to the office of a project that Giovanna was working on and to me, it was love at first sight. Ever since they have been working in a close and friendly relationship which later on became the ideal couple. Happy Valentine to this successful couple!

Yesterday I talked to one of the sales agents of IRG who is a lawyer in his country, Venezuela, and he was telling me that he came to Miami with a student visa and he started in the university taking business with real estate mention. He met the president and owner of IRG a while ago, because he is the cousing of a very close friend of the owner who both work in real estate, but he decide to come to IRG because he felt that IRG had a better foundation. She has been his mentor, helping him to obtain a working permit and advising him to take the real estate test and now he works for this office who he said opened the door for him. As an agent he decide to invest in Property Invest USA. He said he has a few investments here in Miami in different businesses so he really does not need the income he gets from PIUSA, but he does consider this investment to be the most secured one. When he was in Venezuela he was partnered with the owner of a well off business and had a few other ones as his own which he lost and this is the reason he decided to come to the USA. Now he is selling an apartment that he has in Venezuela, that if everything goes well he will re invest in PIUSA. He tells me that life is like a Ferris wheel once you are on top and unknowinly you are at the bottom, and you have to start all over again. Yesterday he did his first real estate sales here in Miami, (in this office whenever an agent sells a property they have a bell that they make it sound very loud to let everyone know that a property has been sold) and he hung on to that bell happily.


This office is full of surprises, when I came in I was greeted with a cup of coffee and a dunking doughnut, how much better can it get, I guess because it’s Friday and Valentines weekend everyone is very cheerful. Happy Valentine to all!!❤️😄😄